Our Services

We offer several services at the Niverville Medical Centre designed to meet the needs of our clients.
  • Non-Insured Services

    Non-Insured Services

    Current Fees as of Feb 2015 (subject to change, if in doubt ask for the current fee) These are an example some of the current fees, please ask for details. Disability tax Form / credit $35 Attending physician statement $25…

  • Early Development

    Early Development

    It is important that a health professional examine your child at a regular interval during their first 2 years of life, prior to starting kindergarten and possibly on starting middle and high school. These are milestones in their development and…

  • Vaccinations


    The clinic is unashamedly pro-vaccination and is happy to discuss your concerns regarding the current Manitoba vaccination schedule. We also recognize individual choice and preference and will support you whatever decision you may wish to take. We do prefer that…

  • For Parents

    For Parents

    We love seeing children at NMC! We also know that they can often have special needs so don’t worry if they seem a little noisier. We have a play area outside the clinic which means they can play and relax…

  • Drop-in Appointments

    Drop-in Appointments

    Starting in April, we will be trying a walk-in/drop-in period each day from 0830 hrs to 1000 hrs, staffed by our new clinician Dr Antonius  These are short appointments and are intended for urgent short problems such as medication refill,…

  • Advanced Access

    Advanced Access

    NMC tries to offer a form of access that offers either same day or next day access to their own clinician. If you phone up before noon on any given day, there is a good chance you will be able…

  • Inpatient Care

    Inpatient Care

    Dr. Mairi Burnett is able to admit patients to Desaleberry Hospital ( St Pierre) and follow their care there. She also agrees to look after admissions from the other  clinicians. This offers a good continuity of care. However often patients…

  • Spirometry


    This is a way of measuring someone’s lung function and is used to diagnose illnesses such as Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Often one of the clinicians will use this for someone who has unexplained shortness of breath…

  • Prenatal Care

    Prenatal Care

    All our clinicians offer prenatal care. Unfortunately we are not able to offer intrapartum care (be there for the birth) owing to our distance from hospitals offering this. However we usually look after women until about 36 weeks and then…

  • Minor Surgery

    Minor Surgery

    All of our clinicians offer this service. If it is medically indicated, they can remove small skin lesions, or biopsy suspicious areas, under local anesthesia. Recently they have started using a Dermascope, a form of specialized magnification, to help identify…

  • Laboratory Services

    Laboratory Services

    The primary healthcare centre does run a phlebotomy service, three times a week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:30 to 11:30 am. Laboratory services are also provided in the local hospitals or perhaps a lab near your work in…

  • Family Medicine

    Family Medicine

    All of our clinicians will happily see all ages for care. This can run from coughs and colds right through to more serious cancer cases. We will also see people for their periodic exams and other health promotion and prevention…