Our Services

We offer many services at the Niverville Medical Centre designed to meet the needs of our clients.

Non-Insured Services

Non-Insured Services

Current Fees as of Feb 2015 (subject to change, if in doubt ask for the current fee)

These are an example some of the current fees, please ask for details.

Disability tax Form / credit $35
Attending physician statement $25 per page
Parking Permit $15
Driver’s medical $85
Injection (private) $30
Sick note $10
Employers back to work firm $25
Insurance report $50 per page text
Release of records $35
Private/work Physical $85
No Show regular $30
No Show physical $50

We know that some may have difficulty with paying these and so we can offer terms to help pay by installment. Please do ask.

Currently we accept check or cash, unfortunately we do not accept credit or debit cards. There is a bank with an ATM two blocks north of the clinic