Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

What is EMR?
Since February 2006 all patient information is stored securely on a clinic server. This data is encrypted for security. The date is also backed up regularly both in-house and off-site. The system used by the Clinic is called Jonoke and this is supported by a Winnipeg company called Code-Med. This is a flexible system that is one of the recognized and authorized vendors in Manitoba. The program continues to evolve to meet the needs of clinicians, staff and patients. NMC does not keep any paper records of our patients.

How do I transfer my file?
If you are new to the clinic and you want to transfer your file from your previous clinician then you can sign a request for transfer form at the front desk. This will be faxed to your old clinicians office. However it is recommended that you also contact their office to make the necessary arrangements which may entail a processing fee to that clinic. If there is nothing of substance in that file then it may not be necessary to go through this expense.
Once the file arrives at the clinic, portions will be scanned into your chart. Handwritten clinician notes are rarely scanned as they are more often illegible, however referral letters from specialists, X-ray and lab reports, EKG’s and other information is scanned. Charts are either returned to the physician or if they are copies, then shredded. Your former family physician has a responsibility to keep your chart in his office for a certain period of time.
It is also suggested that you perhaps personally inform your former clinician of your decision to move charts, as a courtesy for his care.
There are times when you may wish to move your chart away from our clinic. Usually we wait for a request from the receiving physician and courier a printed copy of your chart. There is usually a small fee associated with this service, to cover the time and cost of processing this request. Your chart is then locked and marked inactive

Can I book an appointment online?
Yes, you need to establish a password with the clinic. A visit to the office is sufficient to activate this. Currently you can only book simple appointments. It is hoped soon that you will be able to follow your medication and laboratory results on line. The access is via a link on the front page of this website. You are responsible for the security of your website and should change your password on first log on. The clinic does not record these subsequent passwords but we can reset a password for you.
Your log on is actually to a separate server from that which stores your encrypted health information.