Physician Changes Policy

Our policy for physician changes within the NMC Clinic.

This Policy is intended to reflect the efforts of the Niverville Medical Staff at offering the best possible patient care, follow up and continuity for both patient and provider.

The Niverville Medical Clinic (NMC) health care professionals have agreed not to have patients change their primary care provider within the clinic.

  1. In the instance where the patient’s primary care provider is NOT available to see them for an urgent matter, and a different provider is available, the patient may be allowed to see someone else on a “one-time basis”.
  2. The same goes for our walk-in, which is open to everyone and patients, will be then assigned to the walk-in provider on that given day, not necessarily their personal care provider. This does not allow them to continue seeing this provider in the future, unless specified by the provider and for that issue only. For further care, they will need to continue with their care provider.

In an instance where there is dissension between patient and care provider, this patient is welcome to come to our walk-in only to see a different care provider here or seek care in a different medical clinic. The patient’s chart can then be transferred to a new medical office for the current fee of $30 with request from their new health care provider and the signed consent of both provider and patient.