Mission Statement

  • The Niverville Medical Clinic will provide family physician care that supports the community in achieving their primary health care needs locally. It recognizes the centrality of the relationship between physician and family towards an enabling and supportive partnership for health and wellness.
  • The Niverville Medical Clinic recognizes the advantage to all in an active collaboration with other health care providers towards a team approach to health.
  • The Niverville Medical Clinic, while respecting and recognizing the plurality of other beliefs, openly acknowledges the kingship of Jesus Christ and recognizes Him as its author and source.

The Niverville Medical Clinic

  • will provide an environment that is respectful, confidential, caring and compassionate
  • seeks, through partnership and coaching, to empower its clients to take responsibility for their health
  • will strive towards excellence in its service as it seeks to be a leader in innovative health care
  • recognizes the importance of prayer, both as a recipient and a provider