Cancellation and No-Show Policy

Our goal is to provide quality medical care in a timely manner. In order to do so NMC have had to implement an appointment/cancellation policy. The policy enables us to better utilize available appointments for our patients in need of medical care.

Scheduled Appointments

For a scheduled appointment please call 204-388-6626 or ask staff how you can do this ONLINE.

Please keep in mind to book your annual physical at least two (2) months in advance due to the high demand of this type of appointment.

We encourage you to schedule appointments for preventative health visits and prescription renewals at least two (2) weeks ahead.

Cancellation/Rescheduling of an Appointment

In order to be respectful of the medical needs of the community, please be courteous and call our office promptly if you are unable to attend an appointment. NMC requires at least 24 hours’ notice, so that your appointment time can be reallocated to someone else. Keep in mind that our receptionists will begin taking calls @ 9:00 a.m., and we will be closed between 12:00-1:00 p.m. for lunch.

Appointments are in high demand, and your early cancellation will give another person the possibility to have access to timely medical care. Late cancellations will be considered as a “no show”.

“No Show” Policy for Regular Appointments

A “no show” is someone who misses an appointment without cancelling it within a full working day (24 hours) in advance or who fails to present at the time of a scheduled appointment. Both of these will be recorded in the patients’ chart as a “no show”. The first time there is a “no show”, the patient will simply told about this policy. The second time, a letter alerting them to the fact that they have failed to show up for an appointment and did not cancel the appointment will be sent out; outlining clearly our “no show” policy (a copy of the letter will be placed in the patient file). A third time to fail to present to the schedule appointment and/or cancel in timely manner will result in the patient being charged $30 for a regular appointment. This record is kept in your chart for 12 months and “resets” after this time period. This also resets if you have been billed for your third failed cancellation. (Our policy is on a 12 rolling months’ period, which means that we only look back the last 12 months before the last missed/late canceled appointment). Three “no shows” will result in the temporary suspension of services until the fee has been paid. This excludes walk-in appointments or emergency care.

“No Show” Policy for Longer appointments

Patients who schedule longer appointments and fail to cancel within the 24 hours period or fail to come to the appointment will be charged $50, even without any previous “offense”. This is for Complete Physicals, 1st prenatal visit, Travel health visit, Procedures and Driver’s Medical.

Private Visits: If a patient misses a private visit, which is an appointment where the patient is expected to pay for the services given, we will bill $50 to cover the cost of the visits regardless, as this is a missed opportunity for the clinic. The patient will be able to reschedule only upon payment of this fee.

Niverville is a private clinic, meaning that every time an appointment is not kept, it is a loss for the clinician.

First time patients who do not show up for their appointment to meet the doctor will not be given a second appointment.