What to Bring to Your Subsequent Visits

Remember these items for your subsequent visits to the clinic.
  1. Your Manitoba Health card (or provincial health card).
  2. Any medication you are currently taking.
  3. Sometimes it helps to take a few minutes before the visit to organize your thoughts, even a list is helpful.
  4. Please be mindful of what you are wearing. A short sleeved blouse and skirt is usually far more practical than a dress. A T-shirt or a tank top under your outerwear can make examination far more easy for both yourself and the clinician

It is your right and our practice to have a chaperone present during intimate exams. A female will never be intimately examined by a male clinician without a chaperone being present.

Currently we book 10 minute appointment for regular office consults. If you have a long list of concerns these may exceed the time available. We will try and address the most pressing first but may have to ask for a subsequent appointment to address concerns left from this visit.

NMC usually faxes your prescription to the pharmacy of your choice, in Manitoba. We have an extensive database of pharmacies but it helps if you are able to identify clearly which pharmacy you use. We are also happy to print a prescription form, if that is your preference.