Types of Appointments
Most medical matters can be handled in a regular short appointment (10 minutes). Often more than one matter can be handled. However there will be times when, being respectful of everyone’s time, a physician may ask you to make a second appointment to finish your list of problems or concerns.
Annual physical exams do require a longer appointment, usually 30 minutes, and we would ask that you indicate your desire for a physical exam when booking your appointment so that the right time can be allocated. Please note that you are currently unable to book a longer appointment with the web booking system. The same holds try for pre-operative exams. Minor surgery also required a longer appointment, usually 20 min.
It will help our staff determine how best to book for you, if you are able to give some indication as to the reason for the consult. Their intent is not to diagnose over the phone but to determine how best to meet your needs.

How to Book an Appointment
Appointments can be booked in one of 3 ways:

  1. In person at the clinic during office hours. Often it is easier to make your next appointment on exiting the physician’s office. We usually don’t take appointment for more than 3 months in advance.
  2. By telephone. The clinic number is 388-6626 and the phone lines are open during office hours. Our clinic opens at 0800hrs, with the first appointments at 0830hrs but the telephone lines are not opened until 0900 hrs, as staff are usually very busy with registering drop-in patients first thing in the morning. If the line is engaged then please call later. We are unable to accept voice messages for medico-legal reasons. If you have difficulty with this route, you may wish to consider option 3.
  3. On-line booking system. Click here to book your appointment online.

Currently Accepting Patients
Dr. Chris Burnett – only children of current patients
Dr. Mairi Burnett – yes
Dr. Kiani – yes
Ms. Hill – yes
We will accept patients from within our defined catchment area. This is east of Hwy 75, west of Hwy 12, excluding Steinbach, south of the Trans Canada Hwy, excluding St. Norbert and Winnipeg.

Emergency Care
The Niverville Medical clinic is not a hospital and does not have an Emergency Room. In the case of an emergency please do not come to the clinic. This may only delay your access to potentially lifesaving care.
We suggest that you call 911 or if possible be driven to the nearest Emergency Room. The community is well served by having three open emergency rooms within 20 minutes of Niverville. The Victoria General Hospital (Winnipeg) and the Bethesda Hospital in Steinbach both have emergency rooms open 24 hrs a day.
The Desalaberry Hospital in St Pierre has an open ER from 8am to 8pm 7 days a week.
The Town of Niverville has a volunteer First responder unit who will arrive quickly on site and assess and start treating the emergency while the Ambulance I dispatched from a neighboring community
If an emergency case does turn up in the clinic, we will call 911 while we make the patient comfortable. We have none of the tools that one would expect in a hospital such as IV medication, Oxygen and resuscitation equipment.

Telephone Access
It is often difficult for your clinician to take a call during the day as this interrupts his or her time with a patient in the room. Staff can take messages and pass these on. The physician can then choose whether a call back is required.
The telephones are not usually opened until after 0900 hrs so as to assist people who attend for the Drop-In appointment.
If you have problems reaching the clinic by phone, we apologize. Perhaps you might be interested in trying our online appointment system where you can schedule appointments with your physicians. You will get an email confirmation of your appointment as well as being able to cancel appointments.
Please note that the NMC does not offer telephone refills of medication.
Your physician normally gives enough refills of the medication to last you until the next scheduled follow-up appointment, usually 6 months or more. Often when starting new medication, your physician might choose to see you more frequently so as to monitor the effectiveness of the medication. Our physicians are trying to be more pro-active in filling your repeat prescriptions but you can also help by reminding us when you attend any appointment.
It is suggested that when you pick up your last refill that you schedule an appointment with your family physician for that month.
If you find that you are unable to make an appointment before your medication runs out, please speak to your pharmacist who will fax a request to the clinic and a supply will be authorized, usually for a month to enable you to make the necessary appointment.
Sometimes your clinician will phone you when a test result has been received, however they will not leave a message on an answer phone because of concerns about confidentiality. Often a clinician will have organized with you to return within a certain time frame from a test so as to discuss its implications. It is not our intention to recall you needlessly.
At times, with your prior consent, the clinician may use email to communicate however there is a limit to the details that can be placed in an email, again because of concerns about confidentiality.